Our Change in 30 programme is a proven, holistic approach for women over 30 that will transform your mindset, confidence and body in 30 days through challenging but fun workouts, tasty food recipes, education about nutrition, female health and behavioral change.

This programme is for all women over 30 who like to invest more time in herself and finally smash her goals - whether that is loosing the extra pounds that have crept up over the years, getting more toned, learning how to adapt training to support your female health or simply improve your overall fitness. This programme will give you a great start to make a change... and the best thing is we do it all together, cheering each other on.




Often we feel like we have to motivate ourselves to "work out" and find excuses why we cannot do it. Part of the problem is that we do exercises that we don't really enjoy and just do it because we know it is good for us. Here at AT YOUR PEAK we are all about sustainability, making our fitness classes fun is part of that. You will train in a group of max 10 like-minded women and to keep it fun and interesting, no session is the same. You will meet new friends who will make working out even more fun and together as a team will hold each other accountable to showing up.



Most of us have have at least followed one diet in their life, or as in Cathrin's case a multitude of diets. Only a few of them gave the promised results and non of them was sustainable. For example, a low-carb diet can be effective but let's face it we all love a bit of pasta, bread and chocolate. Understanding your nutritional needs and making it easy and simple for busy women over 30 is the key to longterm success. After all, a solid workout routine can not outdo a bad diet. That's why we have teamed up with a great nutritionist that will support you in your longterm journey to a well balanced diet. We also provide you with simple and easy recipes ideas to support you.



Every change in lifestyle, diet or behaviour starts with awareness and mindset. Throughout it's life the female body goes through so many changes and has different needs. Our needs as young women in our 20's are different to when we are going through (peri-) menopause or post menopause. If we are not aware what our body needs in all stages of life, how can we make the necessary changes? We help you understand your body through educational webinars and giving you exercises and nutritional information. We provide you with effective techniques and tools that help you stay focused on your goals and help to reduce stress. We might even throw in some competition  to help your motivation.

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