How to survive the festive season without compromising your progress.

Christmas is now well and truly upon us and you are most probably thinking about all the Christmas Parties that you have been invited to. For most of us it is the first Christmas Party that we are attending in person since before Covid. However, some of you might be dreading the festive season as all your fitness goals that you have set yourself and that you have worked so hard towards to, might be compromised by all the temptations that come with the festive season. But there is nothing to worry about if you follow a few simple hacks, that I have put together for you. The goal is that we can still enjoy the festive season and celebrate all the great work you have achieved. The last thing anyone should be feeling is guilty (far too common in fact), really you should be enjoying your time. However on the flipside, its good to minimise the damage and keep up some good habits so when you do resume your routine in January, it doesn’t feel like you’re starting again from square one. That is no joy at all - believe me I have been there many times in the past.

Festive Hacks:

1. Manage expectations – you are way more sedentary than normal plus surrounded by more eating/drinking activities so don’t expect that you will be losing weight/toning up