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Learn to Fit

If you are new to strength and fitness training and not sure how you get started, this 6 week foundation course is exactly what you need.

Our Learn to Fit programme is an introduction to strength training and all the moves that you would need attending our classes. It is especially designed for women who want to increase their confidence around weights and movements . During the course of the programme you will:

  • ​Train with a small group of women (max. 4) who are just like you.

  • You learn how to warm up your body to prepare for exercise.

  • Understand how your body moves and which techniques and equipment works best for you.

  • You will get used to the language of strength training. 

  • You will improve your agility, coordination and balance.

  • You will strengthen your core stability.

  • You will learn how to perform the right stretches for increasing flexibility.

  • Train 2 x per week for 60 min.

This programme is a great way to start your fitness journey, have some fun with like-minded ladies and explore the building blocks of strength training under the guidance of your coach. 

Cost: £ 139

Achieve Your Goals 
1:1 Personal training

Each and everyone of us has different reason why they want to get fitter, healthier and more confident. Whether you want to fight diabetes, or look your best for a special occasion, train for a special event or just want to get back stronger after an injury, working with a Personal Trainer 1:1 can help you achieve the best results. This highly individualised

programme is designed entirely around your own individual goals and help you to get the most from your training. We will not just focus on your body movements but we take into consideration your nutrition, mindset and behaviour and will coach you in all these aspects. The 1:1 Personal training includes:

  • Initial Questionnaire and Consultation to discuss your goals, exercise history, eating and sleep habits, injuries and lifestyle.

  • A postural and movement assessment before we start.

  • Body MOT including measurements and health. 

  • Regular accountability and progress check-ins.

  • Nutrition guidance relevant to your goal.

  • Support and accountability.

  • Education on mindset, behaviour change, sleep and relaxation techniques.

  • Different packages available to train 2, 3 or 4 times a week.

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Achieve together
1:2 / 1:3 Group Coaching

We understand that not everyone can afford or want to train in a 1:1 Personal Training Programme. Sometimes we need the accountability, the community and camaraderie of others to achieve our goals. Training in a small group of no more than 3 women is a great way of achieving your fitness, health and well-being goals.

This membership combines the benefits of 1:1 personal training and group fitness. Each session will be 60 minutes long and follows a bespoke plan that is designed for you to achieve your individual goals and increase your ability to progress your strength and fitness levels. We will determine your individual goals after your 1:1 consultation and determine your plan which you then will follow week after week with the supervision and support of your coach.

We offer 2 and 3 session per week memberships. (All classes during the day or weekends)


3 sessions per week:  £195 per month

2 sessions per week:  £140 per month

1 session per week: £75 per month

Feel Great in 8

Our Feel Great in 8 programme is a proven, holistic approach for women over 30 that will transform your mindset, confidence and body in 8 weeks through challenging but fun workouts, tasty food recipes, education about nutrition, female health and behavioral change.

​This programme is for all women over 30 who like to invest more time in herself and finally smash her goals - whether that is loosing the extra pounds that have crept up over the years, getting more toned, learning how to adapt training to support your female health or simply improve your overall fitness. This programme will give you a great start to make a change... and the best thing is we do it all together, cheering each other on.

This programme includes

  • Unlimited access to all group fitness classes 

  • Body measurements

  • A flexible guide to healthy nutrition

  • A recipe book with over 20 delicious recipes

  • Regular accountability and support check-ins

  • 24/7 support from your female coach

  • A community of like-minded and supportive ladies

  • Follow on programme available with Change in 30 

Cost: 129£

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Classes only

Often we feel like we have to motivate ourselves to "work out" and find excuses why we cannot do it. Part of the problem is that we do exercises that we don't really enjoy and just do it because we know it is good for us. Here at AT YOUR PEAK we are all about sustainability and making our fitness classes fun is part of that. You will train in a group of max 8 like-minded women and to keep it fun and interesting, no session is the same. You will meet new friends who will make working out even more fun and together as a team will hold each other accountable to showing up. We have 6 different classes varying from 30-45 min and can be both in our studio or online. Depending on your time commitment we offer the option for 4, 7, 12 or unlimited classes throughout the month.


Classes 4: £40

Classes 7: £55

Classes 12: £65 

Unlimited Classes: 85£

Trial week - try up to 3 classes: £10

Online Accountability Coaching

We understand that life is busy and it is hard to stay on track with your nutrition and exercise if you don't have time for personal training or in person sessions. Sometimes we need someone who holds us accountable to stick to a plan, to guide us through obstacles and who sets us up for success to achieve your goals. This programme is ideal for those who cannot make it to in person sessions but still want to achieve their goals. This high touch programme includes:

  • Initial Questionnaire and Consultation to discuss your goals, exercise history, eating and sleep habits, injuries and lifestyle.

  • Individualized workout plan tailored to your availability and goals.

  • Nutritional and Behaviour Coaching.

  • Access to all online Yoga and Pilates classes.

  • 24/7 support from your female coach.

  • Access to your on online coaching app.

  • Weekly accountability check-ins.

  • Minimum sign up for 3 month.

Cost: 59£



Not sure, what the right programme or approach is yet. Not a problem at all. Book a free 15 with Cathrin who can talk your through all the options and help find the right journey for you.

If you need to book a MOT or Onboarding on one of our programmes, you can also book here your  min consultation in our Studio.

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