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At Your Peak is a small local health, wellbeing and fitness business that is dedicated to help women over 30 to get fitter, be happier and be more confident in their own bodies.

At Your Peak was founded in 2018 by Cathrin who had just trained as a Massage Therapist . Wanting to help her clients beyond the human touch and having struggled with her weight, confidence and fitness all her life she decided to train as a Fitness Coach in 2022 and help other women on their fitness and wellbeing journey.


We offer a variety of exercise classes that are fun and designed to  boost your metabolism, get your heart pumping or build lean muscle without getting bored. But we offer so much more. We offer Personal Training, Group Coaching and online accountability coaching. We educate about; healthy nutrition, female health and well being in various life stages. We help you find the right mindset and support  you in gaining some healthy habits. And if you feel stressed or your muscle feel tight from exercising or too much laughing why not get a message from our qualified massage therapist?

If you want to start your journey to a happier and healthier life and work on your mindset, fitness and diet please get in touch with us.



Meet the Team


Cathrin Westerwelle

Cathrin is the Founder of At Your Peak Ltd and loves supporting and motivating people on their journey to be fitter, happier, healthier and more confident. Having struggled with her own fitness and eating habits almost all her life she started training to keep fit during her Uni days in Germany. Since then she found exercising a great way to keep her focused, help her mental health and manage  weight. Having come across loads of women struggling with her confidence as they get older and making time for themselves she wanted to share her experiences and support women on their fitness and wellness journey. In 2018 she trained as a Massage Therapist followed byr in Running Fitness in 2019 and a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in 2020. She now loves giving classes and seeing her clients to smash their goals.


Kristina Green

Kristina has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and completed her Yoga Teacher Training back in 2018 where she trained in Vinyasa and Children’s Yoga. Since then she has been bringing joy and movement to her students through her light hearted, uplifting yoga classes which are designed to stretch out the body and clear the mind. Her classes feature lots of options to simplify or intensify poses so you can adapt based on how you’re feeling or your level of experience. Kristina creates an warm, inclusive environment for her students to practice yoga … it is absolutely acceptable to wobble, giggle and fall asleep during shivasana in Kristina’s classes! Kristina will now be offering twice weekly yoga classes online as part of your membership...Enjoy!


Angharad Ross

Angharad has been an advocat of exercise and  healthy eating since she discovered the huge impact it had on her mental health in her 20’s.

Angharad enjoys running and competing with herself. She has completed several marathons, half-marathons, 19 and 5k with her favorite distance being the Halfmarathon distance.  She recently  qualified as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor. As an active Reading Roadrunner commitee member and a qualified Gym Intsructor NAgharad as a hollistic approach to health and fitness that she loves to share at At Your Peak.


Lucy McDonald

Lucy has always had a sporting focus in her life and has a background in the elite sporting world, having represented England in Touch Rugby 2014-2019 as well as being a keen runner and triathlete. She is also a qualified Pilates and Fitness Instructor as well as holding a Sports First Aid qualification.

She started retraining in 2019 after a successful corporate career; after which she was seeking a change of pace in life and a new profession whereby she could help people and companies achieve their wellbeing goals. So once qualified she set up her studio at home in Winnersh where she offers a full spectrum of sports therapy techniques complimented by mat Pilates to benefit her clients.

She has a huge passion for helping her clients to learn about their bodies and to understand how movement and control of their muscles can help them stay pain free and live a healthier life. She enjoys working with clients from all walks of life from athletes to office workers, from parents to grandparents. She loves to work to support her clients to recover from injury by helping restore normal movement patterns through a variety of soft tissue techniques and functional exercises.

As well as supporting injury recovery Lucy can support you with identifying muscle or postural imbalances that might be contributing to your discomfort. She can work with you to release tight muscles and strengthen weak or inhibited muscles to help find greater balance that can help your sporting performance or live your life pain free. Lucy will be offering Pilates classes as well as massages. To book one of her massage please contact her through:



Phone Number: 07739350941

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